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PowerShell Get-ADUser, Set-ADUser, New-ADUser, Remove-ADUser

PowerShell Scripting using the Active Directory Module

Managing Active Directory (AD) users using PowerShell is a powerful way to automate and streamline administrative tasks. Key cmdlets include Get-ADUser, Set-ADUser, and New-ADUser, which allow for efficient retrieval, modification, and creation of AD user accounts. Below is a detailed guide on using these cmdlets.


  • Correct rights in the Active Directory domain

  • PowerShell Active Directory module

PowerShell Command Get-ADuser at Station



Active Directory Module

Set-ADUser Code Snipppet

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Active Directory Module

Get-ADUser Code Snipppet

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Active Directory Module

Remove-ADUser Code Snipppet

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Active Directory Module

New-ADUser Code Snipppet

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More code examples below !

(Set-ADUser) - Update multiple fields within Active Directory (AD) on multiple accounts from CSV file import.

$All=Import-Csv C:\Temp\Book2.csv

ForEach($Item in $All){

    $Description=$Item.Office + "," + $Item.department + "," + $Item.title

    Set-ADuser $Item.SAM -title $Item.title -Department $Item.Department -Office $Item.Office -company $Item.Company -Description $Description

PowerShell Command Get-ADuser

(New-ADuser) - Mass Create Users from CSV FIle Source: Includes Setting Password

$MyAccounts= Import-csv "C:\temp\Users.csv"
Foreach($Account in $MyAccounts){
New-ADUser -Name $Names -EmailAddress $Account.Email -SamAccountName $Account.Samaccount -DisplayName $Names -GivenName $Account.FirstName `
-Surname $Account.LastName -UserPrincipalName $Account.UPN -Enabled $true -ChangePasswordAtLogon $False -AccountPassword `
(ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "$($Account.PassWord)" -Force) -passthru -PasswordNeverExpires $True -CannotChangePassword $True `
-Description  $Account.Description -Company "Scripts By Scott" -Path $Account.OU -ErrorAction Stop


(Get-ADuser) - Get Active Directory (AD) User Accounts That have Not Changed Password in over 100 Days.

$Date = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-100)

Get-ADUser -Filter  ‘PasswordLastSet -le $Date’ -properties * | Select Name, PasswordLastSet, Enabled | Export-csv C:\temp\User.csv 

(Get-ADuser) - Search for Active Directory Accounts where Password Setting "Never Expires" is enabled.

 Get-ADuser -Properties * -filter {PasswordNeverExpires -eq $True} | Select Samaccountname, Givenname, Surname, Enabled

(Get-ADuser) - group membership for each user account listed in the source file. Note:Exports a .CSV for each user.

$users= Get-Content C:\Temp\SamAccountList.txt        
foreach ($user in $users) {        
Get-ADUser $User -Properties MemberOf | Select -ExpandProperty memberof | Out-File C:\temp\$user.csv -Append        

(Get-ADuser) - Lists the info for each user account listed in the source Text file.

$Users= Get-Content C:\Temp\Accounts.txt        
foreach ($user in $users) {         
Get-ADuser -Properties * -filter {DisplayName -like $user} | Select Samaccountname, Givenname, Surname, Description, Enabled}

(Get-ADUser) - specifying the Ogranizational Unit (OU) Distinguished Name (DN)

 Get-ADUser -filter * -searchbase "OU=MyUsers,DC=MynewForest,DC=local" | Select Name, SamAccountName

(Get-ADuser) - By First Last Name Comparison (-Like)

Function Get-AduserFirstLastNameQuery() {         # \\ Parameters Defined \\                [CmdletBinding()]                         Param(                     [Parameter(Mandatory=$True,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)]                     [string]$FirstName,                             [Parameter(Mandatory=$True,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)]                     [string]$LastName                )         #\\ Start Processing \\             Process {                     #\\ Remove White Space \\             $FirstName=$_.Firstname.Trim()                                        $LastName=$_.LastName.Trim()                     #\\ Query AD and Change Headers \\             Get-ADuser -Properties * -f {(GivenName -like $FirstName) -and (Surname -like $LastName)} |`              Select @{name="Login Name";expression={$($_.Samaccountname)}},`             @{name="First Name";expression={$($_.Givenname)}},`             @{name="Last Name";expression={$($_.Surname)}},`             @{name="Account Status";expression={$($_.Enabled)}} | `                                                        #\\ Export Query \\             Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path "C:\Temp\UserInformantion.csv" -Append                                }                                        }             #\\ Error Trapping \\             Try{                 #\\ Import CSV and Call Function\\                 Import-CSV C:\Temp\Book1.csv |  Get-AduserFirstLastNameQuery -ErrorAction Stop                 }              catch                 {                 #\\ Write Out Error Message \\                 Write-host Processing Halted Not All Account Reviewed  $_.Exception.Message                 }                     #\\ Open Output \\             Invoke-Item "C:\Temp\UserInformantion.csv"

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