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PowerShell Disable-ADAccount

So when disabling AD Objects I take alot of care and consideration on verifying the changes I am going to implement

I would suggest running 3 sessions / scripts to pull and review all data before making a large change. to AD or anyhting for that matter. 

#Step 1)
#List of First & Last Names from HR Dept.

# CSV Headers: Firstname,LastName

$HR_Info = Import-csv C:\temp\Users.csv

#Loop Through Accounts to be Disabled and Review -Results Are Exported to File 

Foreach($User in $HR_Info){
    Get-ADuser -Properties * -Filter * | Where{($_.GivenName -like`
    "$($User.Firstname)") -and ($_.Surname -like "$($User.Lastname)")}`
    | Select -ExpandProperty SamAccountName | Tee-Object C:\Temp\Disable_Accounts.txt -Append

#Step 2)
#Import List and Disaply to Screen 

$Disable_Me = Get-content C:\temp\Disable_Accounts.txt

Foreach($Account in $Disable_Me){
   Get-aduser $Account | select Givenname, Surname, Samaccountname, Enabled 


#Step 3)
#Now if totally confident Disable Accounts in File

$Disable_Me = Get-content C:\temp\Disable_Accounts.txt

Foreach($Account in $Disable_Me){Get-aduser $Account | Disable-ADAccount}

Foreach($Account in $Disable_Me){
   Get-aduser $Account | select Givenname, Surname, Samaccountname, enabled `
   | Tee-Object C:\temp\Accounts-Disabled.txt -Append

remove-item C:\temp\Disable_Accounts.txt

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