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PowerShell | Offboarding Users


Note: We have a custom value in AD called EmployeeID you may need to adjust the script to fit your unique needs. 

          Request input from user
          Get user by Employee ID
          Check for Duplicate Emp ID
          Check to see if account found
          Display account information 
          Terminate User Option
          Update Description Field 
          Set Manager and Phone to NULL
          Export List of AD Groups
          Remove Groups from User Account
          Create & Format Date - Append to Name Field Because of Duplicates
          Disable AD Account
          Move User Account to Inactive Users OU
          Export Home Directory
Author:   Scott Head
Date:     02/09/2022
Version:  1.0 



#Get Input From User
$EmployeeID=Read-Host "Enter EmployeeID"

#Check for Account in AD
$MyUserInfo= Get-ADUser -Filter 'EmployeeID -eq $EmployeeID' -Properties * | select GivenName, Surname, Office

#Check for Duplicate EmployeeID's
If($MyUserInfo.count -gt 1){
    Write-Host "Multiple Accounts Found - Program Closed"

#Check to See if Account is Found     
If ($MyUserInfo -eq $Null){
   Write-Host "No Account Found - Program Closed `n"
   Write-Host "First Name: $($MyUserInfo.GivenName)"
    Write-Host "Last Name: $($MyUserInfo.Surname)"
    Write-Host "Office: $($MyUserInfo.Office) `n"

#After User Reviews Output : Option to Terminate User Account
$Decision = Read-Host "Terminate User Press 1"

If($Decision -eq 1){
    Write-Host "Terminating User Account......."    

   #--1-&-2--Update Description Field and Set Manager and Pohne to NULL-------------------------------------------
   $MyDateInfo = Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd
   $MyDateInfo= "Termed $MyDateInfo"    
   $DescriptionUpdate = "$MyDateInfo - $EmployeeID"    
    Get-ADUser -Filter 'EmployeeID -eq $EmployeeID' -Properties * | Set-ADUser -Description $DescriptionUpdate -Manager $NULL -OfficePhone $NULL
 #--3---Export List of AD Groups---------------------------------------------------------
   #Export User Name to File
   $MyADUSer = Get-ADUser -Filter 'EmployeeID -eq $EmployeeID' -Properties * | Select -ExpandProperty SamAccountName
   $MyADUSer | Out-File C:\UserGroupLog\$EmployeeID.txt -Append

   #Get ADGroup Not Equal to Domain Users
   $MyADGroups = Get-ADUser -Filter 'EmployeeID -eq $EmployeeID' -Properties * | Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership | Where{ $_.Name -ne "Domain Users" } | Select -ExpandProperty Name
   #Export ADGroups to Same File 
   $MyADGroups | Out-File C:\UserGroupLog\$EmployeeID.txt -Append

   #--4--Remove Groups from User Account-----------------------------------------------------------------------    
   Foreach ($MyGroup in $MyADGroups){ Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity $MyGroup -Members $MyADUSer -Confirm:$False}
   "AD Groups Removed" | Out-File C:\UserGroupLog\$EmployeeID.txt -Append

   #--5--Create & Format Date - Append to Name Field Because of Duplicates------------------------------------- 
   $DateAdd = Get-Date -Format "MMddyyyyHHmmss"    
   $ADName = Get-ADUser $MyADUSer  | Select -ExpandProperty Name    
   $NewADName = "$ADName - $DateAdd"
   Get-ADUser $MyADUSer | Rename-ADObject -NewName $NewADName

   #--7--Disable AD Account-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

   Get-aduser $MyADUSer | Disable-ADAccount

   #--6--Move User Account to Inactive Users OU--------------------------------------------------------------
   Get-ADUser $MyADUSer | Move-ADObject -TargetPath 'OU=InactiveAccounts,OU=Accounts,DC=YourDomain,DC=net'

   #--8--Export Home Directory--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   $NDrive=Get-aduser $MyADUSer -Properties * | select -ExpandProperty HomeDirectory 
   $NDrive | Out-File C:\UserGroupLog\AA_User_Profiles.txt -Append        
    write-host "Process Complete - Program Closed..."

    Write-Host "Account NOT Terminated - Program Closed `n"

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