PowerShell & Active Directory

Active Directory


This is one of the most important and most utilized set of cmdlets (module) I use in PowerShell. You can tell by reviewing all the pages on this website dedicated to managing Active Directory. If you are new to the concept of Active Directory please review this video.

Active Directory Overview - Video     Installing the Active Directory Module

Once you have a grasp on what Active Directory is and how to install the module an access it; you will need to connect or log onto a computer that is on a Domain. If you are not sure then you probably aren't on a Domain, unless you are at work. Most home users are set up on the network in something called a work-group.

You can set up your own client / server setup using computers and Widows Server software but that is beyond what I am going to cover in this website. If you don't have access to operating system software, you can set up an account for pretty cheap using Amazon Web Services, but again that is beyond what I am going to cover in this website.

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