PowerShell Local Account Password Reset


    Script to reset account password on local account on remote machines

    This can be used to query some computers and reset password on a account

    Enter account information at prompt


 #Paramater for inbound Data
    Try {
      $account = [ADSI]("WinNT://$Env:ComputerName/$($PassedArray[0]),user")
      Return "`tPassword Change completed successfully"
    Catch {      
      Return "`tFailed to Change the administrator password. Error: $_"

#Decalre Array to Pass
#Get Input From Users
$PassedArray+= Read-host "Enter Local Account"
$PassedArray+= Read-Host "Enter New Password"
$ServerName =  Read-Host "Enter Server Name"

#Execute Command 
Invoke-Command $ServerName -ScriptBlock $MyCommand -ArgumentList @(,$PassedArray) 

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