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PowerShell Helpful Links

PowerShell Helpful Links
  • Microsoft's PowerShell Documentation: This official resource provides comprehensive guides, cmdlet references, and scripting examples directly from Microsoft. It's the go-to place for understanding PowerShell's core concepts and capabilities.

  • PowerShell Gallery: Managed by Microsoft, this repository hosts thousands of PowerShell modules and scripts contributed by the community. It's ideal for discovering and downloading modules to extend PowerShell's functionality.

  • GitHub PowerShell Repositories: GitHub hosts numerous open-source PowerShell projects and repositories. It's a great source for finding scripts, tools, and community-contributed modules that address specific automation and management tasks.

  • This community-driven site offers forums, blogs, and resources for PowerShell enthusiasts. It's valuable for engaging with the PowerShell community, finding tutorials, and staying updated on the latest developments.

  • Stack Overflow PowerShell Tag: Stack Overflow is renowned for its vast collection of programming Q&A. The PowerShell tag is active with questions, answers, and discussions covering a wide range of topics related to scripting and troubleshooting.

These resources collectively provide a wealth of information, tools, and community support for anyone looking to learn, improve skills, or solve problems using PowerShell in various IT and automation scenarios.

Code Snippets

Measure - Quick count of items collected


        Get-Service | Measure | Select Count | Format-list      

Also Have Count to Count Items in Array / Object / Returned Value


Tee-Object - View output and export to text

        Get-Service | Select Name, Status | Tee-Object C:\temp\Service.txt -Append



Startswith - Quick check of string and newline `n

        If ($Myteststring.StartsWith("M")){write-host "Starts with an M"}
        write-host `n        

        If ($Myteststring.Endswith("e")){write-host "String ends with an e"}
        write-host `n



Start-Sleep - Short sleep in the script

   Start-Sleep -Seconds 10
        Write-host "You just wasted 10 second of your life :P"



Pause the script to require a user to press enter.




CTRL+J to activate dropdown Intellisense in ISE

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