esxcli Getting Started

Getting Started

The esxcli is a lot easier to navigate than most command line interfaces. I like the way it is designed so if you are not familiar with list of commands, you can easily traverse through them using help. I start with the most basic command and dig down further until I have the commands I need.

Special Note: I was told this was Linux so I tried some basic Linux commands and they did not work. I did some reading and found out that what I was told was incorrect. Here is a good read on the subject: Is ESXi Linux ?

​Interface Hints:

My only hangup so far; remember Linux commands are all case sensitive !

Paste by right clicking on the prompt
To leave the session type exit

1. Start by downloading Putty to connect to the ESXi host using the SSH protocol.
2. Then log in to the ESXi host using vSphere to start the SSH and ESXI Shell services.
3. While logged into vSphere also enable inbound connections for SSH.
4. Run the Putty.exe and enter the IP to the ESXi host and you are ready to login !


esxcli Navigation

The basics
esxcli hardware
esxcli hardware clock
esxcli hardware clock get