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After spending over 20 years in the I.T. field I decided to begin documenting some of the items I came across supporting Microsoft Servers & VMware. This site outlines some of the solutions I have made and is being updated with new solutions as I create them. One of the reasons is to make sure I can easily recall the scripts and utilities I have created over the years.

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Please be aware that the scripts herein are very powerful and can wreak havoc on a network / Domain if improperly implemented. So please use carefully and test thoroughly in a development area before deploying any changes. I do not make mass changes according to criteria checks during to a script run using a where, -like or -eq on the fly. I use a systematic way of making changes. I first gather the information from Active Directory and export it to a CSV file; this way I have it if I need to roll back. I also use this logic when updating computer information. I get the list of computers and current information out to CSV, then I use the computer names from my list to make changes accordingly.